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Lab Propagation
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Spike preparation (quantity):

    We estimate a propagation of 1,000 Phalaenopsis plants from one spike. According to this estimation, please prepare spike(s) based on your production plan. However, the actual production quantity would be adjusted depending on variety characteristics. Check real-time progress report on our website:


First step: Preparation for raw materials

  1. Provide records or details of characteristics of the Phalaenopsis variety, such as colors, flower diameter, plant height, leaf span…etc., and photo the mother plant. Information would help us build data for propagation.
  2. Check carefully and thoroughly for mutations on the plants’ flowers and leaves.
  3. Isolate the selected mother plants, and no watering and fertilizing at least for one week.

Second step: spike(s) retrieve

  1. Sterilize blade or scissors on high temperature or flame to avoid mother stock plants infection during cuttings.
  2. Number or code each plant with spike(s) sequentially. If there are two or more spikes in one plant, these spikes could be in the same number.
  3. Cut the spike below the second note from the bottom. Each spike must have at least one flower in full bloom.
  4. Sterilize blade or scissors again before cutting the next mother stock plant to avoid cross infection.

Third step: pack the spike(s)

  1. Strictly pack each code or number’s spike(s) by newspaper in separated package to avoid cross infections.
  2. Pack and seal the material or spike(s) well and send them in room temperature to Young Home Orchids as fresh as possible.

Other notices for the company not located in Taiwan

  1. Select mother stock plants.
    • Avoid using more than three year old mother stock plants.
    • If mother stock plant (seedling) blooms for the first time, please cut the spike(s) until 70% blooming to confirm the flower characteristics.
  2. Must stop watering and fertilizing at least one week before cutting spike(s).
  3. Cutting of material or spike(s) has to be maintained and sent in room temperature.
  4. In order to keep spike(s) fresh for lab propagation, the spike(s) is required to arrive at Kaohsiung International airport (KHH) during Monday to Wednesday. Please contact sales representatives before delivering the material or spike(s).
  5. We offer direct service for cutting spike(s) at specific area. For further assistance of our service, please contact our regional sales representatives one week in advance.